Qlever Business

Qlever links all purchases to the right profiles and ensures that consumers will visit your store. Use the opportunity to do relevant and personal advertising based on the profiles of your customers and potential customers with unique and revenue-enriched data.

Dashboard for insight into and overview of profiles

Get more insight into profiles and additional information about the profiles. Also, you can advertise relevant and personalized content on the mobile phones of consumers.

Reach new customers

Qlever ensures that your store and product range is marketed to potential customers who have a need that fits your offer.

Existing customers

Get more sales from existing customers by providing relevant and personalized content based on their profiles. These are enriched with unique data. This allows for a higher return rate on advertising.


Improve service to unburden the customer. The customer does not want any physical cards and paper receipts, but instead wants a single ID for all actions. Give your customer a pleasant experience and hassle-free service with Qlever.

Insight and analysis

Get a clear view on everything; from new customers to your most sold products. Through insight and real-time analytics, you will gain more control over your customers, sales, communication, service and administration.

Recognize your off- and online customer

You can now adjust your supply to both the in-store and online customers. With Qlever you can recognize these customers and create one customer. Because ultimately, it’s one and the same person.

Enriched profiles

The Qlever profiles are unique. This is because Qlever enriched those profiles with relevant data which is gathered outside your store.