Qlever = Clever

Never again will you have an overstuffed wallet because of all those different cards. With Qlever, you can connect all your loyalty cards, tickets and coupons to your single Qlever ID. You don’t have to search for the right card at the checkout, because a simple scan now suffices with your Qlever ID.

Loyalty cards

Digitize your loyalty cards with Qlever and get an overview of your saved up points from the various retailers. Download the Qlever app now and get an immediate overview of your points!


Never worry about losing your paper receipts and warranty again. Just scan your Qlever ID during every purchase and get a paperless receipt on your mobile phone. Also very useful for your administration!

How does Qlever work?

Qlever is the app that connects your existing customer loyalty cards to one universal card: the Qlever ID. By having your Qlever ID scanned in a store, at an access gate or when filled in at a webshop, you immediately receive your points, discounts, and access, but you also receive your receipt in the Qlever app.

Download the app and immediately receive your Qlever ID

The Qlever ID is a unique personal ID that makes life a lot easier with the single ID-bound technology. The only thing you have to do is simply download the app and sign in.


Simply digitize loyalty cards and automatically have them linked to your Qlever ID

The digitization of loyalty cards is really simple. Use the Qlever app to scan the barcode of the loyalty card or run the loyalty card number. Qlever checks the data from the card and sees if they match the Qlever user to prevent abuse. Upon approval, the card is immediately digitized and automatically attached to your Qlever ID. You can immediately see how many points you have earned at the relevant retailer. The Qlever ID can be scanned immediately, instead of the loyalty card, to get your loyalty points or discount.


Get your digital receipt by a simple scan of your Qlever ID

The retailer does not necessarily need a loyalty program for the digital receipt. To receive the digital receipt on your mobile phone, only one simple action is needed. Just scan your Qlever ID at the checkout. When that’s done, you will receive the receipt as well as your warranty digitally on your mobile phone.


Relevant and personalized offers

The content of the offers and messages are tailored to your profile. It can be a message about the latest collection of your favorite brand or an offer for a product in your size that you often buy. Now you don’t ever have to miss out on any relevant products, offers and discounts again!



We take your privacy very seriously. So it’s important to us that you have total control over your own profile. You can choose which retailers you want to follow, as well as those you don’t want to follow, to whom your profile will stay anonymous. Obviously, you get more personal advantages with a visible profile. See also our privacy policy.


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